People tell us that word-of-mouth is the best advertising.
We’ve gotten so many kind notes over the years, from happy brides, couples, and families. These are just a few of the nice thank yous we are flattered to have received. We hope they tell you a little bit more about our bakery.
Dear Panini,
On the eve of my first anniversary, my mind is on remembering my special day and all of those people who contributed their gifts to make that day a memorable, magical moment for me and my husband.
Naturally, I think of you.
The wedding cakes you crafted for our wedding were not only delicious to taste but delightful to behold. Still today, friends will comment on what a fun, memorable bride’s cake I had. I appreciate your willingness to “color out of the lines” and create a cake that told a little bit about the bride and groom. The cakes were so great to look at, we hated to cut them... but once we had our first bite, we were sure glad we did! Both cakes were so wonderful, honestly the best I have ever had! My husband still frets that he only got one bite of his groom’s cake... one year later and he is still craving a slice!!! I cannot blame him. Every time I flip through my wedding album I have to look a bit longer at the pictures of our cakes.
They always make me smile! Thank you!
Dear Jeff and Sophie,
I am writing to say THANKS for an absolutely superb job on the wedding cakes you prepared for us. To begin with, both the bride and groom's cakes were incredibly delicious, as evidenced by the countless compliments we received from our guests. Several people have since told me that the cakes were the best they’ve ever had.
The bride's cake was just what Cara had wanted and exactly as she had designed it with you – she was quite pleased! As for my groom's cake, I was a little nervous when the idea of adding Kiss to it came up. Although Sophie assured me that it would turn out just as we designed, I wasn't convinced that such a task was even possible. I was proven wrong, however, as each and every facial pattern was perfectly accurate, including the intricate makeup designs and the various colors used. I honestly could not have been more pleased with the way the Kiss design turned out.
It was evident that you spent substantial time and effort to ensure that our cakes turned out so perfectly. Your efforts were very much appreciated and will not soon be forgotten. I have enclosed a few photos of both cakes for your collection, which I hope you will display for future clients to see. Although many are not likely to be Kiss fans, I hope that my cake, in particular, will help portray the excellent quality, dedication and service that Panini offers its customers.
Thanks again for all that you did in helping to make our wedding day that much more special, and I hope to have the opportunity to use your services again in the future.
Dear Jeff and Sophie,
Ron and I want to thank you for the beautiful cakes you created for Valerie and Tom. They both were beautiful. The flowers along with the grapes - such a combination. The colors were so pretty. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
We had such fun planning the wedding and meeting nice people like you. I almost wish I had another event so I could call you and... "do another tasting" ...Ha! I do not hesitate to recommend you to anyone planning an event. I wish you all the best!
Dear Panini,
A big thank you to you for the exquisite Bride and Groom cakes you created for my daughter’s wedding. The bride’s cake was so beautiful and tasted heavenly. The groom couldn’t get over the Texas A&M strawberries on his cake. Thank you so much for creating the special details that make lifelong memories. I have two more daughters and when they decide to marry I’ll be calling you first thing to arrange for the cakes! Thank you so much!
Dear Panini,
We have anticipated our one year anniversary mostly as a milestone reached, but, in honesty, as another opportunity to taste the delicious cake you made for our wedding. All who attended were impressed with your work and needless to say, we have made many recommendations to family and friends needing similar services. Thank you for making our wedding so special!
We look forward to using your bakery again in the near future.
Thank you,
Martha and Louis
Dear Panini,
I just had to write to thank you for creating the most beautiful cake for our daughter's wedding. Not only did it capture the whimsical outdoor garden theme of the reception, it also tasted soooo good, moist and delicious. The butterflies, bees and dragonflies were so cute and artistically done. Everyone was raving about your cake! Get your ovens ready... I think a lot of these young future brides (who are friends of my daughter) will be at your door soon!
Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful centerpiece for our wedding reception.
With much appreciation,
Dear Mr and Mrs Panini,
Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, delicious cake for our 50th anniversary celebration. Everyone commented on how wonderful it was, which made the end of our dinner extra special. The whole evening will always be a treasured memory --- your cake helped make it so!
Bonner and Evangeline
Dear Jeff and Sophie,
Thank you so much for making our wonderful wedding cakes. Not only did they look beautiful, but they tasted great, too! You did an incredible job duplicating Tony's humidor; he loved it! We look forward to enjoying your sweets for years to come.
Thank you again.
Love, Amy and Tony
Dear Panini Bakery,
My wedding cake was the prettiest dessert I have ever seen! It was painful to cut it, but once we tasted it – I just about fell over! It truly was the most delicious cake I have ever put in my mouth. I looked back at the leftovers 3 times before we left because I told Jack that I wanted to take it with us on our honeymoon! So that was our saying on our honeymoon, "I could really go for a piece of that cake right now!" Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creativity with us.
Adrienne and Jack
Dear Panini,
Oh my goodness. You outdid yourselves! The cake was AMAZING! It was the centerpiece of our wedding reception and people could not stop talking about it. Not only was it the most beautiful and unique cake I’ve ever seen, but the most delicious, too! The wedding cake was the one thing we did not ever worry about, because we knew it was in your hands. Thank you for adding the “sugar” to our special day. You are not only fantastic bakers but talented artists, as well.
Thank you again for all of your hard work!
Leah and Mark
Dear Panini,
Wow, how can I say thank you for something so spectacular? There’s not a person I talk to that attended the wedding that doesn’t talk about the wonderful cakes. You’ve created the perfect cake – beautiful and delicious! Each layer of the bride’s cake was different and left you to want a taste of a different layer. The groom’s cake was perfect too – a real surprise for him. He loved it. It was just a perfect evening and you helped make that happen.
My deepest appreciation,
Thank you so much for the beautiful and tasty wedding cake and groom’s cake! Everyone raved about both cakes! They loved the different flavors within each layer... Thanks for the suggestion! Y’all are Number One on my suggestion list!
Thanks again,
Dear Panini,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how very much we all appreciated your beautiful wedding cake, groom’s cakes and cookie favors. All were absolutely delicious and so beautifully constructed – what an art! As a good friend said, her “most memorable part of the reception was the cake table which certainly should be featured in a magazine.” Thanks so much for your incredible skill. It was all perfect and very delicious.
Many thanks,
p.s. Loved the very personalized cookies!
Dear Jeff and Sophie,
I am writing to thank you for the beautiful wedding cake you made for my October wedding. Thank you for sticking closely to the cake design I requested. We were so pleased with the result. We received so many compliments on the cake. We are looking forward to the cake on our 1st anniversary since we only got to eat a bite of the cake during the cake cutting! We wish you continued success!
Matt and Kristine
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our cakes for our daughter’s wedding. They were beautiful! And the “cookie cake” was a huge hit (they toasted with milk on that one). And, as before when I’ve been where the cake was from Panini, everyone just raved about how good it was!
It was fun getting to know you – thanks for everything!
Dear Panini,
Thank you very much for creating such a special and beautiful cake for my wedding day. I look at pictures and still cannot believe how perfect it was. I received many compliments on its beauty as well as delicious taste. I cannot believe that a year has almost passed. I have been looking forward to our anniversary cake since our honeymoon!
Again, thank you!
Dear Sophie,
I hope you enjoy the photos of our amazing cakes. They were exactly what I envisioned and tasted even better than they looked! Looking back at my wedding, I feel Panini Bakery was the top vendor due to the quality, value, and relaxed yet professional service.
Thank you so much!
Dear Panini Bakery,
I would just like to write a quick note to thank you for the beautiful work you did on our wedding cake, groom’s cake, and favor cookies. Everything was a hit! The cakes were so popular that we didn’t even get a piece of cake for ourselves (we ordered 240 servings and there were only 100 people at the wedding)! We are looking forward to our anniversary cake to enjoy and keep all to ourselves!
Thank you again for your wonderful work, It was a pleasure to work with you and I will remember you for future business!
Dear Panini,
Paul and I are absolutely delighted to have worked with you. The cakes were perfect!! Paul was truly amazed at how well crafted the Nebraska logo was created. I, on the other hand, could not have asked for a more beautiful looking cake. The display and look were indeed a hit, but the TASTE was unbelievable. I’ve never seen a cake go so fast in my life!! There was not one slice left!! Totally fantastic...
We are sure to recommend you to everyone we know, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing you often. Many thanks for making our day super “sweet.”
Sarah and Paul
Dear Panini Bakery,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note about your cake. Both Brian and I could not have been happier with the cake. Not only was it gorgeous and exactly like the drawing I designed, but it tasted incredible. Everybody that ate some told us that it was delicious and it was the best wedding cake they have ever had. Not to mention, on top of the amazing cake, you guys have been such a pleasure to work with. It is awesome to work with a vendor who is not out to get you in the wedding industry. :)
You really made us both VERY happy and I will be telling everybody I know to visit your wonderful bakery. We will be sending you a photo as soon as we get them back!
Thanks again,
Brandi and Brian
Sweet Panini,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our 10th Anniversary cake! It was fabulous, but we knew it would be because Panini Cakes are the best cakes ever! Thanks to you, our 10th Anniversary was just as special as our wedding day!
With thanks,
Brian and Kelly
Our own note of thanks:
Thanks to all the photographers who took the lovely photos on this website. We don’t always know who you are, but we appreciate your artistic shots. Thanks also to the talented florists who added beautiful flowers to our cakes. And, especially, thanks to all the wonderful brides, their grooms, and their families who trusted us to make these most important cakes for their weddings!
Panini Bakery
p.s. Thanks to our sweet and clever son for spending countless hours building this website for us. Nick, we are so proud of you! Love, Dad & Mom